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Ahlan wa sahlan

Arab logoWe are the Arab Student Union (ASU) and our goal is to create and maintain an Arab environment for the benefit of Arab students and interested members of the community and to promote an understanding of the Arab history, culture, and heritage at the University of California, Berkeley - through education and example. :)

There will be three main constituents in the ASU machine.
The first of those three is the exploration and debate of Arab politics and the effects of alien politics inflicted upon Arabs. The ASU hopes to be capable of catalyzing the advancement of Arab interests within the United States of America. It will do so by absolving the various stereotypes which have been presented by whom and who ever in the populous. Leading to the freedom and liberated expression of Arab culture by the media and consequently, or furthermore, not having to be exploited by the NSA, FBI, Homeland Security, etc. The Union hopes to explore the human rights situations in various Arab lands and also explore and enlighten upon global Arab Human Rights, which it acknowledges as having different definitions in different regions, with the goal of defining a human rights initiative that will cater to each specific region. In the process the ASU will bring light to the puppet regimes and occupations, physical and psychological, of Arab nations. In a manner the Union will strive to bring awareness and resolution to the occupation and disenfranchisement of the Arab people, be it by domestic or foreign governments.

Second, the ASU firmly believes that knowledge is the best tool to use in building and maintaining a strong influence and effect in its presence. That in mind, the ASU recognizes the history of all peoples of the Arab regions and aims to support those histories through facts without favoritism to any one culture, ethnicity, and/or religion. The Union respects all historical texts’ pertaining to which ever topic is in debate but preference’s and hope’s to utilize accounts from primary resources wanting to avoid compounded ignorance and hearsay. As the ASU we hope to allow for a broader and more beneficial understanding of each issue with the use of the diversest of resources in order to eliminate prototypes and wanton bias. Thus providing a historical context of the current Arab situation and planting the seeds of understanding from which will bear the fruits of imperishable collaboration, coexistence, and comradery.
Semitic Arabs are a diverse group of people.

So thirdly, the ASU will display the diversity of Arab cultures and sub-cultures based on particular localities. These diversities will be manifested through food, art, example, etc. The ASU devotes its cultural expression to encompass all Arab cultures with impartiality. We would like to portray Arab culture in a positive light to the UC Berkeley campus, along with explanation, in order to divert common misconceptions; social and artistic Arab expression, as well, will be radiated through demonstration. Along with culture the ASU will have a strong principality in religion, highlighting that the three monotheistic religions; Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, originated from the Arab world. We hope to inform all people of their common roots to the Arab world through those religions. Through these roots, the three different religions have historically cohabitated comfortably. The ASU sympathetically recognizes all of the religions in the region and endorses their equal and unabridged right of practice. We hope to demonstrate this cohabitation, especially through the diversity of our members. The ASU wants to bring working awareness to the strong ties between culture and religion as those are the two canons with which the region has come under attack. Meanwhile pushing for Arab right to manifest their own expression of culture and religion universally.

To close, the Arab Student Union will exert its best effort to produce illumination amongst Arabs and non-Arabs at Berkeley, with the highest of appreciations for all the constituents of the region via the supple use of education and example.